BTS and Tips of Jael Prints Co.

So, I titled this blog as BTS of Jael Prints Co. Just like Kdramas, which my friends and churchmates loved to watch lately, our small business has it’s own BTS or Behind The Scenes. Let me give you a short background first on how it started. Just like any other young people, I love to discover new hobbies. Let me enumerate them:

1. Typography and GIFs

Back in 2011, I started using Tumblr. Making Christian Typos (Typography), I think I made a lot of it. 100+ I think? or more than that? Not sure about the digits. Haha! I also tried making GIFs which introduced me of using Photoscape. After 2 to 3 years, it reached 15,000 followers. I never knew that posting those and some sorts of would help them strengthen their relationship with God until they left their sweet messages. Did I told you that this is just a short background? Okay, forget about it. Haha!

Here are some of my favorite stuffs:

2. Writing

Then I started writing last May 2015. I became a part of a community group who are giving free monthly devotional for women of all ages. This is my first time to write 2000 characters in pure English. I don’t usually have the courage to write especially in English. Kudos to our Her Binder Project Editors!

Here are some of the devotionals that I am involved with:

  1. Her Binder Project

  2. Quite Women Co. Devos

    • May 2016: Be

3. Reading Books

I didn’t love to read books until I started reading Joshua Harris’ famous “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”. I was amazed of how this guy shared his story about waiting and how Jesus changed his view about love. I can’t imagine that I would finished reading that book in just one sitting! Or is it just because I am in a rush and the whole Accounting class is waiting to read it? Haha! And right then, I started reading a lot of books. Then back in August 29, 2016, I joined Ptra Khit and Joseph to organize Book Exchange (will give you details about it on my next blog post). By the way, if you love to adopt books, you may check Project Libro‘s page. It’s an advocacy. All funds are from selling the books collected through donations.

Here are some of our book exchange photos:

Thanks to Bon AppeTEA for accommodating us!
Joseph, not the dreamer but our head organizer. 🙂
Pim, our youngest participant. Hihi.
The Book Exchange peeps!

4. Brush Lettering & Calligraphy

Last May 2016, I’ve been addicted to brushes. At first, I love reblogging tumblr photos of brush lettering until I found myself doing it. And because I’m a certified kuripot, I waited for a discount promo before I decided to buy one. Actually, I already wrote a blog about that. I titled it, “Naghirap dahil nanggaya.”  Yeah, I totally agree that its fun to do new hobbies like that. Buy expensive brush, pens, watercolors and everything. But we should never spend too much. Don’t worry, we are all guilty here. You can check the link of my blog for more advice if you want.

Here are some of my favorite brush works:

By the way, I won a free calligraphy, watercolor & flatlay-journaling workshop last August 20-21,2016 at Bridgetowne Tent, Quezon, City. Here are some snippets:

Calligraphy Workshop
Journaling & Flatlay Workshop
Watercolor Workshop

So after gaining little experience (and enough money for investment, of course) I invite my parents to invest in this business which I named after my nickname, Jael. I also involved my churchmates, relatives and friends in this business. Here is a short description of our team:

  1.  Jael – That’s me! I am assigned on designing and printing. I personally handle our facebook, gmail and Instagram accounts. I also designed the whole thing about this business.
  2. Dina – My mom. She is assigned on marketing of our products. She is also assigned in the finances though I am an accountant, I think she’s better than me on that part. I don’t want to be a multislasher anymore.
  3. Eddie – My pop. He is assigned on purchasing all our consumables. I handle the purchase but he is better than I because he’s a purchasing officer. He also handles the production.
  4. Kevin –  My brother. He handles more on the technical side. Printing issues, error and blah blah blah.

We started this business only last January 21, 2017. And after 6 weeks of trial and error, we already earned a 5-digit number. And our family is thankful for that. As a novice entrepreneur, here are some of my learnings.

1. Involve God

Never ever forget to involve God especially in your business. Once you get paid, give the 10% of your gross earnings (meaning, all of your earnings without deducting your expenses)

2. Be friendly!

When I was a kid, I am not allowed to go outside our house to meet friends. But when I grew up, I learned to meet new people even from across the country (thanks to social media) I already meet some of my tumblr friends in some events. Others are my brush lettering friends like Ms. Margot which I met lately for the first time for the business partnership. Be friendly at all times. You”ll never know whom you will need the most especially in inadvertent ciscumstances.

I have a lot to say but that’s all for today. If you have enough time, you may visit us on the links given below. Thank you so much for reading! Till next blog post. Have a blessed week! ☺

Instagram :

Facebook :

Email :


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