2019 Prayer Items

This is not a typo error. I am just excited to welcome 2019. And because I am turning 28 next year, let’s make a 28 prayer items. Thanks to Joseph because I got this idea from him.

Here’s my 28 Prayer Items:

28. Gain weight (Tumaba kahit konti)

According to my BMI, I need to gain 6 more kilos. If you think that its not easy to lose weight, think twice. Life is not unfair, its not easy to gain weight for us too. Lol.


Di bale ng hindi tumaba, basta hindi sakitin at mababa ang crea ko. Hahaha!

27. New shoes

I’m not a fan of branded shoes. I just need a pair that is durable.

26. Mirrorless or DSLR Camera

I’ve been praying for a mirrorless camera. Though I am more comfortable with a DSLR because of its viewfinder. This prayer started from the Fujifilm XA3 to Canon EOS M100 (where I joined an international lifestyle contest last 2017 and unfortunately, I didn’t won. Lol) If you’re curious of what I did, you may check it here.

25. Job

Praying that the Lord will lead me to a position here at DOH where I can still serve Him (no work during weekends and holidays, of course) and use my vacation leave for outreach and mission trips.


It was January 3, 2017 when I started to pray to work in the government and serve our country. And until now, I still can’t believe that I was able to do it not because of my skills but because of Him.

24. Publish a book

This dream started when I was 25. Though I am already writing through social media platforms, I am also praying for organizations to help me publish this book and wisdom from God as I wrote this.


I wasn’t able to publish my own book. But was able to distribute an eBook for hundreds of Filipinos through Hope in a Letter: Pinoy Devo.Β And am glad that I have a team who also have the same dream. Together, we can achieve more for His glory.

23. Mission Trip Abroad

Working abroad isn’t my dream ever since. Traveling, yes. But if this is about ministry, that is also an exemption. I didn’t expect myself that I’d be passionate on doing mission trips. It all began last July 2018 in Botolan, Zambales where I teach some aeta kids (we sing, dance and do some activities. Parang kape, 3-in-one dahil mag-isa lang ako. Lol) and in Iba, Zambales where I introduced the Campus Ministry to young people of Grace Better Future Church. I am also praying that if this isn’t in Mongolia next year, God will lead me to where I can experience again His favor.

22. Get a Master’s Degree

I know it is not too late to get a Master’s Degree, right? (Balita ko, mahirap at magastos daw. Haha!)

21. Support a non-profit organization

Uhm, even just for a day? I didn’t came from a rich family (mayaman lang kami sa kaibigan at kamag-anak) but I just want to share my blessings esp to kids. I want them to experience the hands and feet of Jesus through me. πŸ™‚

20. Long Vacation in Nueva Ecija

Because I want to eat burong dalag with chicharon everyday. Lol. Btw, I also want to visit the Minalungao National Park.

19. Hug my Lola Dory

18. Buy a new book

Among all my prayer list, dito ako naging specific na bibili ako. (Kuripot problems. Haha!) Most of my books kasi are from my friends and Pastors. Now I am planning to invest in buying books. (Because knowledge is power ika nga ni Mang Ernie.) Lately, I’ve been drooling over the Unwritten Letters to You by Todd LaBerge. But ESV Journaling Bible and Pinoy Bible NT are also included on my list. Well, I think this is my kind of bucket list. πŸ˜‰


I bought few books not for myself but for others who wishes to have through a giveaway.

17. Take the CPA Board Exam

God willing, this will be my first time to take this exam. πŸ™‚

16. New Church Building

Of course, discipleship is more important but we also have to consider the place where we could worship the Lord together. We have to accept the fact that people nowadays consider comfort when they attend to church.

15. Get a Hair Treatment

I already graduated from having super short hair (frequent hair cuts too) and weird hair colors. This time, I want to have a regular hair treatment (hair spa or hot oil will do)

14. Buy a domain

If you’re a blogger, you know what I mean. πŸ˜‰

13. Increase sales and buy more machines

I’m also into mug printing business, you may visit my Instagram or Facebook page, Jaeletters for more info about my business.

12. Emotional healing

Praying that all broken relationships I had be healed. This world has enough negativity, insecurity and hatred. As much as possible, I tried not to get myself involved with any conflicts anymore.

11. Learn to drive and get a car (of course)

I dunno when and how. I’m just sick of the traffic in Los BaΓ±os. Lol.

10. Buy a house and lotΒ 

I guess it’s a sign of adulting. Lol.


Ang dahilan kung bakit wala munang out-of-town trip this year. Hahaha!

9. Clear skin

Tho my skin type is not prone to acne, but due to hormonal imbalance I do still have that. I think all girls out there are wishing to have that dream clear skin. Lol.

8. Good health for my family

My parents are no longer young (but young at heart and can still throw a joke. Lol), but I am praying that they’ll have healthy body and longer years to enjoy and serve the Lord. At syempre para maihatid naman nila ako sa wedding altar. Lol.

7. Experience winter and autumn

Well, I think I need to have an out-of-the-country trip to experience this. Lol.

6. Learn photography and videography

Since I enjoy doing missions, maybe this would help improving my documentations.

5. Physical Healing

I’ve been strict to my diet and food intake for about a month. Actually it started this December kung kelan masasarap ang mga pagkain. Lol. Praying for physical healing.

4. Join Fun Runs (and Trekking too)

Of course I have to do some physical activities too. Para maging healthy. Lol.

3. Attend Voice Lessons

That’s it! No more short descriptions. Lol.

2. Front load Washer & Dryer

Isa ito sa pangarap ko eh. Para mas maraming time magbonding ang family. Lol. Sige, palusot pa.

1. Lovelife (because there’s no harm in praying. Lol)

Praying that the Lord will lead me to a man who loves Him more than he loves me. That the Lord will be his number one priority. Yung makakasama ko sa pagdedevotion at ministry.

To be honest, I have trust issues. Even when it comes to friends that I could only count them through my fingers. Praying that this guy would be loyal enough and respect me like I’m his princess. Yung kagwapuhan, kasipagan at kabaitan, siguro bonus nalang yun. Haha! Mas importante sakin ang faithfulness. (Medyo humaba ang description ko dito ah! Lol)

Some of my prayer items ay nasagot na ni Lord. But I prefer not to disclose it immediately. These are just my prayer items pero dun pa rin ako kung saan ako ilelead ni Lord. 😊

Change log:
10.24.2018 18:56 Rephrased everything bcos I want to make my prayer items shorter. Lol.
11.23.2018 13:56 Added prayer items (Oh no, its been a month since I updated this. I am really having hard time thinking of what to pray for myself next year)
12.31.2018 21:12 Added prayer items number 1-5.
01.18.2019 11:46 Slashed answered prayers.
04.05.2019 20:14 Slashed answered prayers.

11 thoughts on “2019 Prayer Items

  1. Hi! I first saw you at twitter. I just wanna appreciate you for sharing your prayer points. I personally can relate to a lot of this especially that Church building in our little town (which is one of my faith goals this year), and also that buying a domain. haha Tho i’ve been blogging for only a year, I wanna take this next step to upgrade.
    Anyway, I’m currently doing my masters and I just wanna share that masters isn’t really that hard, unlike the undergrad where pressure to graduate on time are all around. Maluwag ang mga prof when it comes to grad school. πŸ˜‰ They understand that some students are also employees and you can take Saturday classes too. It can be costly depending on where you’re taking your masters. But in my case, it’s a bit cheaper than others, plus I have a scholarship, so you might consider that.
    God bless you on your journey. I hope you’ll be able to scratch ’em all out this year! Keep on writing! I will be looking forward to your book. ^_^


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