About this Girl.

Hello! This is Janella. 27. She is loved by a Jewish Carpenter – Jesus. She also love books, Bethel Music & Hillsong (esp. Taya Smith), Hachiko (her youngest sibling – okay, that is her dog), student ministry, road trip, making friends (one of her rarest hobby), brush pens, pasta, succulents, instagram and tumblr. Above all else, she love Jesus Christ. Here are some facts that mostly people don’t know about her:​

  • She has an INTJ personality. Enough said.

  • She ate a lot but she didn’t gain too much weight bcos she has scoliosis. As of now her weight is about 88 lbs.

  • She’s into declamation and oration when she was in grade school. And lately, into Spoken Word Poetry. She’s a writer by heart. And currently doing articles for a Christian Magazine and formely a co-writer at The Binder Co, a free monthly ebooks of daily devotionals for Christian women by women founded by Morgan Harper Nichols and soon, will start doing more graphic layouts.

  • She can watch a Kdrama series with 16 episodes and/or a book in 1 day. And suffer from headache and fever for a week.

  • She can play piano, guitar and drums. But all are basic lessons only. Lol. She is a worship leader in her church.

  • She learned calligraphy and painting through watching Youtube videos. She also love doing non-profit projects where she can use her talent to glorify her Creator.

Should you want to work with this girl on a certain project, she would like to hear about it. Please do not hesitate to contact her.


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